AMA Recap: CoinerVN & Chromia 21:00(UTC+7) Ngày 06/05/2020


  Buổi hỏi đáp trực tiếp với dự án Chromia sẽ gồm 02 phần :

- Phần 01: Câu hỏi khởi động - Ông Henrik Hjelte sẽ giới thiệu về Chromia cũng như bản thân

- Phần 02: Phần hỏi đáp tự do - Ông Henrik Hjelte sẽ trả lời các câu hỏi của thành viên cộng đồng

  Sau đây là chi tiết buổi AMA hôm nay: 

Phần 01: Câu hỏi khởi động

Question 1:  What sparked the creation of Chromia and was it hard to actually start it? Which companies do you view as potential partners and that they are somewhat also beneficial for both user base and Chromia itself?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Big question. Lets take it from the start.

I'm starting with us (Chromia) Pioneers of blockchain since 2012, when our CTO Alex made the first protocol for tokens, and then lead the open-source colored-coins project that inspired Ethereum(Vitalik was in the project ) and a lot of enterprise projects. We started a company in 2014, worked mainly with enterprise blockchain but are now doing Chromia.

3 co-founders: Myself: 35 years as a developer, but educated more in economics, social sciences and business. I Started a web startup where I got to know Alex Mizrahi our CTO, and he introduced me to bitcoin in 2012-13. I was 15 when I got payed first time. You can now guess age...Alex our genius i mentioned, our CTO. 3rd co-founder Or Perelman studied law, in 2011 founded Safebit, the world's first user-friendly bitcoin wallet (with the later CTO of Ripple), and has worked in marketing. Was it hard to start? No. I took the little money I had and started. Business trips were in bunk beds... there was no money at all, no one knew what blockchain was... So easy to start, harder to keep it running... But we have now longer history than all other blockchain companies (except Ripple then)... anc cryptocurrency companies and exchanges... ANpther part of question: Which companies do you view as potential partners and that they are somewhat also beneficial for both user base and Chromia itself? We are interested in gamedev studios as well as in enterprise clients that want to use hybrid or open blockchain in their operations. It is a general platform. We want development companies also as partners, we want to focus on core tech and work with partners. and community, support a developer and startup community.

Question 2: Which sectors can Chromia be applied in?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Chromia can benefit in a vast numbers of sectors, ranging from gaming to finance. In the past year, Chromia has been used for dapps in sectors such as medical, social networks, legal, private institutions and many more. Chromia allows any kind of dapp to be created on the platform, due to its high scalability and performance. And ease of development 
Any idea can be converted into reality by building on Rell. when you want a powerful and easy blockchain language .Click developer on our hompage and you will see a good tutorial and how easy it is to start with the most powerful blockchain language and a new paradigm....

Question 3: Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using Chromia technology. Will it be possible, the future, to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: First of all Chromia is an open source technology, which means anyone with enough technical knowledge can fork the network and make it their one, if they think it’s in some way unfair. Open-source and free software, free as in beer, free as in speech. Second aspect is of course that the network doesn’t belong to any particular entity but rather to the community. Chromia shall be a true decentralized platform for decentralized applications: not controlled by anyone, open for permissionless innovation.Decentralization is not a starting point, but a goal. Proper decentralization requires a strong community with a large number of independent participants who are committed to Chromia. But building a community takes time.

The platform needs to prove itself before it’s deemed interesting enough to contribute to it. Thus Chromia will be centralized at start; we believe it’s better to embrace this and use a centralized development and governance model to speed up development than to play pretend-decentralization. More info on this subject in our whitepaper and on our blog

Question 4: What are the prerequisites for developers to start developing on Chromia?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte:  Own a computer Well, Chromia has a low entrance barrier for developers, entrepreneurs and users alike. For developers, it is recommended to have worked with SQL databases in the past (like the vast majority of developers have), due to the resemblance between Rell language and SQL. (but Rell is prettier and better) Once they're interested in building with Chromia, developers learn quite easily the technology and are assissted at all times by the Chromia team through our developer chat. From start to end, developers can be in contact with our team of in-house developers to find the best possible solution to materialize their ideas on the blockchain. For entreprenuers/projects/developer in Vietnam, can be good to know we have many team member already from VIetnam. some in core team, some on sysadmin, some on client/games Maybe enough on this see rell dot chromia dot com for tutorial and doc

Question 5. What is a relational blockchain and what problem does it solve?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: The aim of Chromia is to combine relational databases, which exist in every kind of organisation, with blockchain. We want to provide a platform for our users to develop totally decentralised apps securely. Our goal is for Chromia to be seen as the number one infrastructure for decentralised applications. How can we say we can be nr 1 infrastructure you may wonder, are we crazy? I think not: here is why. Blockchain is about managing data, in a shared context. The two word "manage data" are important. We know how to manage data. It is called a database. There are noSQL databases. At best, at max, blockchain can approach the most primitive of noSQL databases.... noSQL have 15% market share on database market, and are normally for caching, special purpose apps, protyping. 85% market share of datbase market is SQL database, relational databases. And so it has been for decades. Multiple implementation from gigantic companies bulding this tech: ORacle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM ANd opensouce, MySQL that helped build Facebook and hundred of thousand web apps. This technology is good, Chromia is the only blockchain that uses this way of managing data. THis is not a feature that can be added later, it needs to be built in. End of long rant... I can take next question... In the meanwhile I can say what was built with relational databases.... core banking..... SAP system..... then SAP even built their own relational database.... Facebook, Wordpress, well everyhing you seee.... CRM

Quesion 6: What is Postchain?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: I spent lots of time on last.. so I will nbe shorter. Postchain is a product of ChromaWay  for enterprise clients and it’s the core technology on which Chromia is built. Postchain allows you to share information between companies and/or individuals in a secure and transparent way.A private blockchain/federated, Chromia is a public blockchain. Maybe enough after all this DB talk.

Question 7: What is the best suited Dapp that can thrive on Chromia?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Basically any dapp you can imagine can be built on Chromia. Team members want massively multiple games... Like world of warcraft etc... (And we may have something multiplayer as a secret project...) My personal dream project is: A a social network controlled by users, where content creators have an influence And actually all of it is already happening. W just released a decentralized social network made by external developer fully on Chromia blockchain called Chromunity ( And on gaming, we take it gradually. We havereleased our first game Mines of Dalarnia to TestNet users (check it out . I can't talk to much but what we do is a demo at start of fantastic chromia uniqueness. We do not know if it should/can make a huge commercial project. Our goal now is to inspire others to build... and we do that with great examples...

Question 8. Could you elaborate your vision about the future of DApps? Do you think we will see DApp adoption in the near future ?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: We see dapps as publicly-hosted applications. That is, instead of a corporation offering some application and deciding what to include in it, we want to give users to take ownership of an application and host it on a public hosting platform (i.e. Chromia). I believe so far dapp adoption were limited by the technology, and as soon as Chromia is released dapps can become mainstream. We fix the UX issues Users do not need to OWN cryptocurrencies to USE and app. THink about free to play games. We have other features like Single Sign On so users can easily try apps without remembering codes And great performance And for developers: something that makes sense, is easy yet powerful

Question 9 What does your slogan “Power to the Public” mean or stays for?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: I touched upon that subject. One of my favourite ones....We have a slogan Power to the Public, because we can empower “the public”. There was a lot of abuse from corporations like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So we are actually working on decentralized social media (it is at the moment already released to TestNet On chromia, users can have formal control of applications, voting power etc. this is groundbreaking visionary. I'll see if I can find a great link by our CTO and post later

Additionally public sector applications, where citizens can have systems not prone to corruption. We hade done projects about that in land-registration across the world (still do, now in south america) Last but not least, enterprise applications where transparency is key. We have lots of experience with federated blockchains, and think many of these use cases can be done on a public blockchain, if only the tools were mature enough. Like being able to use a proper database.....

Question 10: From a developer perspective, what makes Chromia’s platform so useful to create & launch dapps on?

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: The masterpiece link on our blog, read later about the future dapps and power to the public: We allow the developers to scale their applications to a larger extent than normal blockchains would allow, we also allow them more freedom, for example setting their own fee structure within the dapp. Blockchain data and application state are stored in a relational database, which gives several benefits such as enabling the developers to make queries and to index information in an efficient way. Dapps are written in RELL, a new general purpose language similar to SQL and closely connected to the relational database, but improved with static type checks and a more concise syntax. Rell can be learned well in less than a week. The large advantages with all this is that you can write complex decentralized applications much easier and faster, and do things that are really hard to do with other blockchains.

Phần 02: Phần hỏi đáp tự do

Question 1: You said RELL is better than SQL, why? Why should developers choose to develop their Dapp on Chromia? @Shaa93

Mr: Henrik Hjelte:
1. Static typing = fewer bugs.
2. Fewer lines of code = fewer bugs, productivity gains.
3. Blockchain primitives built in
4. is also a "normal" language and not ONLY a database language
5. Cool hipster syntax = a sense of being a cool modern programmer and general happiness

Question 2:  One of the ways to promote the project and attract users is to create local Chromia communities around the world. Does Chromia have any plans for this? At present, I see very few local Chromia communities. In 2020, will Chromia promote Marketing? Because MARKETING is the source of almost every project? @kimhungkhungquazz

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Yes we will improve marketing as we go. But it is easier to market technology when it exists. So we first had to build it, now we can market it. We will have local communities and already do a lot of meetups across the world.

Question 3: The total supply of Chromia  is 371.495.007 CHR & Circulating Supply 268.564.362 CHR. Does the Chromia team plan to increase or decrease the supply? And how will that be done to manage the supply of CHR? Also in this year, does Chromia plan to buy CHR currently circulating on the market? @ditmemay0000

Mr: Henrik Hjelte:  We have a plan for when to release tokens in whitepaper and updates on our blog. It will be increased according to a schedule over several years.

Question 4 :  How Chromia Green Assets Wallet #GAW will help for the study on green investments to achieved in helping the government  and other private entities to move into Green and Sustainable Finance?  @nguyencaua

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Let's not exaggerate: this project in green bonds environmental reporting will not change everything. But it can be a great tool for the financial companies that are using it. BUt for Chromia, it is important that some serious companies, banks, blackrock etc use a public blockchain, that is very very rare. We see a trend in this move and interest to public blockchains from governments and enterprises.

Question 5: With the appearing of many blockchain projects, especially payment project which has newest technology, scalability, effiency, even no fee on transaction. Does Chromia feel pressure from this on the race of global payment solutions?  @dngo8644

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Well we have all of that too. What is different is that we are the only blockchain that use the technology that has 100% use in enterprises for the last 30 years and known by millions of developers out there in the world, not thousands. Latest is not always = the best. Think about music :blush: Bitcoin feels quite safe too.... And be aware of exaggerating unproven projects with big plans, and "new" consensus models.. Ok i'm done, I can keep on otherwise.

Question 6: Is Chromapolis and Chromia a project?  If so, why did the project change its name to Chromia?  @Phuongthao02

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: Yes it is exactly same thing, with new name. Why? Real answer: Because the branding agency told us to do so.... We spoke with several agencies... And we picked the one that were most blunt : "Guys, this name Chromapolis, can we so something with that, it is not good".... We had I think 80 new names to choose from that we made up.  My favourite was "Chromunity". But it became a product on platform instead. Chromia was choosen as new name.

Question 7: How do you evaluate the support from community ? What is your strategy to marketing and for Mass Adoption? What message do you want to send to community through AMA today? @limsentau

Mr: Henrik Hjelte: For marketing, as I said it becomes much easier when you have things. And we just got the first dapps out that can show what we do, so we have only started. We need to be clever and not take things lightly. Mass adoption strategy is first fix blockchain. We also need successful dapps. I mean for example games, social networks used by millions of real people. For our community, they are great. And it is growing a LOT. We are all about community, which is a broad word. developers, investors etc...

Question 8:  why do you believe in blockchain and why chromia? @shinichiconan214

Mr: Henrik Hjelte : Because we can do better. I'm an old developer, and have seen "new things" come and go. The bitcoin whitepaper, it was maybe the biggest innovation I had seen. This is why I quit my dayjob and helped start the blockchain movement together with Alex our CTO, Vitalik Buterin, Tamas Blummer, Meni Rosenfeld, Jimmy Song, Flavien etc people that was in the colored-coins project that started it all 2012-2014. Not everyone mentioned. there were more.  So now when we have this technology, I will not be satifisied with having a large monopoly control my life. They already destroyed the web, so I want to fix it.

Question 9: There are many projects that can handle up to 60k TPS, while #Chromia handles 5000 TPS, is it quite slow? Will Chromia increase the speed of TPS processing in the future? @Shaa93

Mr: Henrik Hjelte  We can handle millions of transaction per milliseconds if we cheat too. Do not believe those promises. That IS investent advice. is investment advice

Question 10: From technological and commercial perspectives, how can traditional companies be integrated into the blockchain?  @limsentau

Mr: Henrik Hjelte : We (ChromaWay) talk a lot and work a lot with enterprises. We see a trend that they are more and more interested in both blockchain in general and in public blockchains. First they only wanted to save costs. Now they look at opportunities. And: Chromia is a great choice for this, with it's very stable roots in enterprise features (databases).

Question 11: Many developers in blockchain industry are familiar with building Dapp on well-know blockchain like ETH by Solidity. So, how will Chromia make your new language not become a barrier to attract developers to your platform?  @paraphan

Mr: Henrik Hjelte  I saw estimates that there are a few thousand blockchain developers in the world. Here is a survey from the real world including outside blockchain. SQL, the language very close to our language Rell is the worlds 3rd most used technology, only beaten by HTML and Javascript. Bigger than Java. Bigger than C++ and Python. Solidity is not even on the top 20 list. It means there are millions of developers that know SQL. And if you do, it is super-easy to learn Rell. Here comes a rare new cool thing for database developers too....
In the meantime, Solidity is great for some applications. But Rell is very easy to learn....

Coiner team: Thanks Mr Henrik so much for taking your time with very detail answers. Really amazing Q&A session!
Thanks @henrik_hjelte much for taking your time with this AMA, as well as thanks for excellent questions from our community.

Mr: Henrik Hjelte  Thank you everyone for participating ! I'm honored

Thanks @suesue1710 for all help!

Coiner team: Today we get so many information about Chromia. So please vote for Chromia listing to Binance heart

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